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Loan Against Settlement Annuity Due in 5 years of the future

Do you have a structured settlement annuity that is due in the future but you can not touch the money today? This is where we come in to help you to maximize your cash and get the money that you need. If you are struggling to pay bills and get ahead in life then it is important that you look at alternatives to cash in your payments today. These alternative routes sometimes have a hefty cost and other times do not.

A company like Einstein Structured Settlements is able to convert your future annuity payments whether they are due in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, or even as far away as 30 years out. If these payments are guaranteed and not life contingent then that makes it even easier for us to purchase the payments from you and get you a large lump sum of cash for that future annuity.

There are many scenarios and ways that you can tap into that future cash today. We will help to make you whole and look forward to working with you for your loan against your future settlement payments.