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Liberty Mutual Structured Settlement - Personal Injury Payment Transfers

An accident that has happened to either yourself or somebody in your family has caused you to receive a personal injury payment. That money comes in lump sums in some cases and in others it is received in installments that are paid out either monthly, weekly, annually, or quarterly.

Whatever the frequency of your payment structure it is important for you to know that if you are unhappy with the current payment setup that you can exchange it for a wad of cash now that goes against your Liberty Mutual or insurance companies settlement that they owe you.

The official website is setup through Liberty Life Insurance which can be seen here their moto is strength, security, and stability for their clients but as you know because you are reading this today that may have been the case at the time of the pay out but at this current date you need more money. Since 1980 their insurance division has been helping people just like yourself to settle the physical and non physical personal-injury claims. They are one of the biggest providers and round out the top 10 with companies like AIG, Symetra, Prudential, Metlife, and John Hancock for distributing and providing the A+ rated and guaranteed paper (in most cases not all).

Working with Liberty Life Mutual Insurance is a positive for most of our clients because they are known for their flexibility and competitive rates for setting you up with these payments and they give us an easy time for when we help you to transfer these payments for cash now. Quotes are received relatively quickly and they work with licensed and professional acting companies most of which do not subscribe to the better business bureau because they know better.

With a philosophy that touts High Value easy to sell and easy to buy with an easy to do business with mentality via their structured settlement division we help you with the income that claimants and their families need fianncially for years to come with our assistance.

Our Phone number is 888-497-0724  and you can call us for information for sending a fax or email.

We are glad to assis with anything that you need as well as the corporate mailing address which is actually not in Boston, Massachusetts but rather neighboring New Hampshire at the following address:

Liberty Life Assurance Company of Boston
Structured Settlements, Service Center- MS 03A
P.O. Box 1525
Dover, NH 03821