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Liberty life assurance structured settlements Information

Reselling the rights to your liberty life assurance structured settlement payment rights is not an overnight process. If you are currently receiving monthly payments over $100 and also have life contingent payments that will pay you even more money on top of the future lump sums that you are owed then you have an opportunity to work with Einstein and our affiliates to earn a pay out today instead of having to wait for your money.

Liberty Life has been renowned in the primary structured settlement industry for their abilit to help settle claims for the last 24 years and counting. They are a top 10 provider of structured settlement payouts and the majority of their cases are claims related to physical non-physical injuries. Their experience in the industry is what sets them apart for setting up the initial payments. This includes excellent customer service when underwriting the structure to helping us get the proper paperwork to transfer your payment rights and verifying the needed information over the phone or in a letter on behalf of the beneficiary.

The philosophy of having high values, easy to purchase, and easy to do business with the team at Liberty Life has made things a lot easier for those around them involved in the insurance industry. The reliable source of income that is derived from a structure creates income and support for not only the annuitant but their families as well. This is why the industry is so important for both parties in the primary and secondary markets as a strucutre at the time of underwriting is very important but there after may not be enough funding for the holder of the payments.

 National Structured Settlements Trade Association Member

LLA is a proud member of the NSSTA. They continue to follow an investment and wealth management strategy that is disciplined with diversity and produces reliable asset cash flows. On top of that they write annuities for funding of both qualified and un-qualified assignments. The high level of security that comes to structured settlement clients from Liberty Mutual Insurance comapnies from where the payments and checks are deposited from. You can see the fees charged from administrators here.

For more information from the official LLA website can be found here.