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Key Bridge Funding

The newest player in the purchasing of settlement payments is a company called Key Bridge Funding. There website advertises the ability to shop your quote around to get you the most money as you can see transcribed below:
We shop your structured settlement so you don't have to!

Get the highest lump sum by having our experts shop your structured settlement to a network of buyers and investors, saving you time and getting you more money.

Receive Cash For Your:

  • check iconStructured Settlement
  • check iconAnnuity Payments
  • check iconLottery or Contest Winnings
  • check iconCasino & Slot Jackpot Prizes
  • check iconDisability Income Payments

There buyers include JG Wentworth, Novation Settlement Solutions, and Stone Street Capital. there is also a note that it may be a different settlement company contacting you.

Here's How It Works

Request your FREE quote online. A financial expert will tell you how much your future payments are worth, and give you a great offer for it. Each case is different and our team will find a solution customized to your individual needs and goals to help you get the best deal.

Accept The Offer

After analyzing your case and shopping it to a network of buyers, you will receive an offer. Once you understand how much money you are getting, all you have to do is accept. After accepting the offer you're on your way to getting your cash!

Get Your Cash

After a short period of time, your process will be finalized and we will get your cash to you! Don't get trapped with small payments that will be worth less in the future. Life can get tough; if you are in a financial position where it makes sense to sell your structured settlement call us today.

You Lump Sum is NOT A LOAN

Converting future payments into a lump sum is not like taking a loan. Instead, you are simply getting money that already belongs to you, up front. In turn, you will have to take far less than you would have by waiting, but that's a good thing because you can use the money NOW. There are many organizations that purchase future payments, allowing you to get the money you need sooner.

Getting a cash advance or using those blank checks from the credit card companies may sound like a reasonable idea. But those options also come with hefty interest rates, costing you more money in the end when you must repay the cash advance.


Here's An Example
on a $50,000 settlement
payable over 10 years

Quote #1

  • First Buyer
  • 10% Discount Rate

Quote #3

  • Third Buyer
  • 11% Discount Rate

We shop your structured settlement to a network of buyers.
You choose the best offer. It's just that easy!

Out goal is to help you get the highest lump sum for your monthly payments. There are currently no reviews positive or negative about Key Bridge Funding and there is no phone number on the website.

According to the whois information the registrant is Jonathan Poland on April 16, 2014. Key Bridge is a popular bridge in the state of Maryland and the website does have a testimonial from a man named Mark in Baltimore, Maryland.