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John Hancock Structured Settlement Quotes - NO MORE

John Hancock Structured Settlements were issued by their leading insurance branch but so far in 2014 they have not issued or underwritten new policies. There is a bright spot that if you do have future payments from John Hancock that you can sell those streams for a quick lump sum and spend your days in an Oasis of happiness free of financial worries.

Two large life insurance companies are exiting the structured settlement market for underwriting new campaigns. John Hancock a very prominent Boston, Massachusetts based life insurer has been contemplating the exit since they merged their operation with a company called Manulife. Manulife has been in business for over 30+ years. They are commonly known as the originators of the structured settlement and annuities business. 

In 1989 Manulife made a decision that a lot of insurance companies tend to do on and off which is to get out of the structured settlement underwriting business because the pricing had grown out of reach for the company. The process of demutualizing occuered and then followed the purchase of John Hancock. With the most recent decision to invest in overseas markets and derisk their current exposure to United States markets has caused the closure of their structured settlements division. 

There are dwindling amounts of companies left in the arena and those with a settlement who need cash now should look to cash in with a lump sum payment today.

These companies are:

Mutual of Omaha. Berkshire Hathaway, Pacific Life, Prudential Insurance, Met Life, Liberty Life, New York Life, and American General.