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jgw funding

It's your money and yes you should want it now. JGW Funding is a division of J.G. Wentworth the Radnor, Pennsylvania company that offers pre-settlement funding. This means that if you have been involved in a car accident, wrongful death suit, or are waitng to get paid out in a win/win court battle as a plaintiff that you can get money (not a large lump sum) as an advance on your settlement if you win the case. The issue with this is most of Einstein Structured Settlements clients have already finished their court case and have been receiving these periodical payments are do not need a place to sell court payments but rather future payouts.

So how can we help you along with JGW Funding? Well our boutique style firm offers you great customer service and assurance that you are dealing with the same representative every time you call us or have a question. If you want a pre settlement deal with JGW (JG Wentworth Funding) than you can contact them in the Silver state at the address below:

JGW Funding Phone Number: (702) 697-0012

JGW Funding Address:
835 E Desert Inn Rd

Las Vegas, NV 89109