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JG Wentworth Life Settlements LLC

Is a division of popular factoring company that delved in the Viatical and life settlements division. They were doing business as Peachtree Financial in 2011 and transactions are conducted under what is known as Voluntary Surrender. Their phone number for the jg wentoworth life settlements divsion is not listed from what we have seen but our phone number 1-888-497-0724 and you can call us to send fax inforamtion for anything that we can help you out with.

A life settlement transfer is different then selling off future payments that you received from a personal injury. Viaticals are life insurance policies that can accrue in value but you often have to keep on paying the premiums. If you decide to take the money from your policy out and let somebody else pay the monthly premiums then that can be conducted through a few different mediums.