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JG wentworth dream matched by Einstein

It's time to dream big. Well Einstein Structured Settlements is giving you a reality check for the JG Wentworth Dream campaign by matching anything and everything that a competitor is giving to qualified structured settlement annuitants. If you want scratch offs, a new car, rent paid, or just a big fat wire sent to your bank account for trading in your payments then we can help you out with that.

The Win Now dot JGWentworth website provided 100 prizes each and every week until the end of next month through the creative giveaway. Cash Money, Gift cards to some of the most popular stores, gas cards, retail promotions, trips to Germany, Hawaii, and Americas biggest city New York are all parts of the giveaway.

Getting college tuition paid and fuel in your car is incredibly important to us and to yourself. If you did not win with the Dream giveaway at JG Wentworth then contact us today and we will help you to realize your dream. If you really want a 2014 Fiat 500 then it is possible that we can help facilitate that prize to you when you sell off your structured settlement payment rights. The promotion was run under the J.G. Wentworth brand not the Peachtree Settlements brand. 

We look forward to making your dreams become a reality.