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JG Wentworths best competitor

We are often told that we are the best competitor to JG Wentworth. This is because we are a direct lender and can get our clients their money faster than anybody else. We also advance more money to clients who do deals with us as a bonus to them for their loyalty of bringing us their business.

There are many reasons why somebody decides to liquidate their current structured settlement payments. We want to work with them to ensure that the process is run smoothly and law abiding. We are told that we are the biggest competitor to the Radnor, Pennsylvania based company. We disagree. They also own a company called Peachtree Settlement Funding that is owned by them. This way they can try to sell a deal under two different company names and that helps the company to get a feel for how much money they can extract from you for selling your payments.

While we do not comment on their business practices a guest post was written that has commentary on some of the business practices of secondary market structured settlement transfer companies. We would like to offer all of you a chance to sell your settlement payments with the best company and see why everybody clamors about the benefits of selling their payments with Einstein and our team of financial experts.

Treating you as if you are our family and not just another number is so important to us and we love the fact that all of our references and reviews are so positive. Only competitors of ours try to put us down but that is why we let our clients talk directly with our references who have tried companies like JG Wentworth and then tried working with us and absolutely love us for our professionalism, kindness, how great we treat them, and the fact that we take good care of our clients and they will personally tell you how much they enjoyed working with us means a lot to us and will mean a lot to you.

So that is why we are told that we are their best competitor. Kindness, caring, and hard work for you does pay off.