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JDWentworth - JD Wentworth

The viking is on the commercials and the opera singer is hanging out the window. There are some great opportunities for you to cash in your money that is rightfully yours. It's your money so use it when you need it right? The commercial explained part of the process but companies like JD Wentworth and their specialties become much more complex.

Time value of money is the value of a dollar in the future today. If you have $500,000 worth of payments but do not receive it until the year 2017 then you will actually have less money today to tap into that well. So companies like Einstein and JDwentworth will help you to realize those funds by advancing you the money and transferring ownership to an investor who may be happy with $440,000 for that money guaranteed.

To you that money in your hands right now might be $385,000. That is something only you can decide for yourself.