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It's My Money and I need it NOW

Updated: 11-29-2014 You have all seen the popular commercials airing on daytime television. Now the Geniuses at Einstein Structured Settlements bring you a spoof on the popular meme from J.G. Wentworth where the window sill is open and the shouts about how it is my money and I want it now are yelled. Watch the video below and enjoy.

It's My money and I need it now. Right It's My Money and I need it now. Have you heard these JG Wentworth commercials playing during the day while you were watching ESPN or CNBC? If so than check out the latest spoof commercial for our favorite commercial playing for JG Wentworth where the girl is screaming about how it's her money and she wants it now. The only part that she left out was 1-877- CASH-NOW on the commercial spoof.

Check out the commercial displayed on Youtube and let us know what you think.

So it's my money and I want it now. Did JG Wentworth help you to get the money you needed without any hassles or headahces? If so then tell us all about the process as we want to get you the money you need because it is yours and you should spend it when you want and need it most.