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Interest Holdings

Interestholdings.com is a buyer of secondary market structured settlement payments. They help you to cash in on your payouts that you were receiving as a result of a lawsuit that may have resulted in a wrongful death or bad injury. We are here to help you at Einstein Structured Funding to get you the cash you need from reputable buyers while weeding out the unscrupulous ones.

It is of great importance to speak with a qualified representative who can go over your payouts and how much cash you can receive today for your money that is due to you. After all you do have a structured settlement and you need cash now right? Well interest holdings is based in Tampa, Florida but has a San Franicsco, California phone number to better serve your interests whether you are located on the east coast or west.

They are not listed wiht the BBB currently so we can not comment on any reviews for interest holdings and their annuity buyers.