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Selling your structured settlement annuity payment rights? If so then make sure to get a quote for industry leader and provider of payments in the form of lump sums up front right here.

If you have done a deal with or are in the process of doing a deal with Intelifund where you sell your payments in exchange for a large lump sum then you will want to know how to get in contact with the company in case of an emergency. The Intelifund LLC mailing addres is PO Box 21111 in Washingtond DC 20009. If you want to reach the company by phone then you may do so by calling 1-877-509-8364 and of course if you want to use a fax machine you may do so by sending a fax to 202-459-9628.

There are currently no reviews on the interent about Intelifund.com and 0 complaints on the Better Business Bureau for the company. We can not say with or without confidence about this companies ability to fund a deal for you as we have limited information as to their background.