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Integrity Life Insurance Structured Settlement Distributor

Well known insurance companies that distribute or handle strucutred settlement payments with names such as Integrity Life Insurance and National Integrity Life Insurance Company. According to Term Provider the insurance payments are A+ Rated for their structured settlement payments. The company is now based out of Cincinatti, Ohio and is called Western and Souther Life Insurance company.

As of 2015 you still may receive a benefits letter with their information on it. If you have any questions about what payments are still owed to you as a result of a personal injury case that ended up having the insurance company like Integrity Life or American General paying out your strucutre settlement payments. A confirmation call is typically done with the insurance company and in some cases they will have to mail you the remaining pay outs that are due to be received by you.

National Integrity Life Insurance Company
National Integrity Life Insurance Company

The toll free phone number for the Integrity Life Insurance is 800.325.8583.