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Structured Settlement Insurance

What structured settlement insurance is referring to is the annuity that is purchased from a life-insurance company as a means to pay the settlement. The settlement will give the terms of the agreement, and the annuity is the mechanism to make it come to life. The security of the annuity is as good as the life-insurance company that is backing-it. The fact that most of these annuities are issued by highly rated life-insurance companies means that there is very little risk of default.

The Structured Settlement

Ever since the Federal Congress passed The Structured Settlement Act, it has become a major industry. It is by far the most often used means of settling personal injury cases, and also many other types. People that have been seriously injured as a result of some type of accident, or medical-malpractice, are entitled to receive compensation for their injuries, and continued care into the future.

Before the federal and state governments got involved, most settlements were paid out in one large lump sum of cash. What this did was make the temptation to spend the money too much to handle for many people, and they would quickly go through the settlement-funds. Very often, it was the Guardians of minors who received the settlement, that recklessly went through the funds, leaving the minor-child nothing for their future needs.

The structured-settlement acts as a safeguard against those who would be unwise as to how to maintain the funds intact. These funds are not meant to buy a new car, clothing or jewelry, for all of the family members.

When the Defendant and the Plaintiff get together, they will come to terms on an agreement that is in the best interests of the injured party. The agreement is a very versatile one, and has flexibility. It can start out with a lump-sum, and be followed by the fixed payments, and even have future lump-sum payouts included in the agreement.

Selling For A Lump-Sum

Very often, there comes a time when the payments are no longer enough of a cash-flow to keep the Claimant in good financial shape. The possibility of selling the annuity should be considered as a remedy. You can turn that annuity into a windfall of cash, and you would be surprised at what door will open when you have funds at your disposal.

It is not out of the question to sell your annuity, invest the money wisely, and replace the income-stream, while getting out of debt at the same time. Some folks have sold their settlement, and invested the money into an ongoing business, and are very well-off today as a result of reaching-out.

Structured Settlement Insurance means that the injured party has a secure agreement, the annuity, to guarantee the future payments.

The Expert Will Explain Why Some People Sell This Income Stream while others opt not to. Contact us today to learn more about the psychology behind selling off your payments.