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Structured Settlement Insurance Company Directory

When you are receiving a structured settlement annuity payment they are coming from an insurance company. Below we have helped to compile a list of the active companies that have issued these payments in the last 6-10 years as a helpful guideline with the phone numbers. If you need to contact any of these companies to go over a change of residency and to stop mail at an old address you can call them below to do so. If you used a broker then you may have to contact them directly or call us so we can help guide you in the right direction.

If you have a new beneficiary for the policy or are in the process of changing the beneficiary from the insurance company because of a transfer in payment rights then this will also help to serve as an incredibly useful guide for you. 

AEGON 800-866-0002
Alexander Hamilton Life 800-458-5299
Allstate Life Insurance Company 800-840-3870
Allstate Life Insurance Company of New York 800-237-3303
American General Life Insurance Company 800-288-4088 ext. 8006
American International Life Assurance Company of New York 866-221-0418
American Mayflower Life Insurance Company of NY 800-432-6631
Aviva Life Insurance Company/Aviva Life Insurance Company of New York 888-285-4332
Canada Life… 800-879-8271
CNA/ Continental Assurance 877-633-5217
Commonwealth Life (See AEGON)  
Confederation Life (See Pacific Life)  
Farmers New World 877-369-5778
F&G Life Insurance Company 800-357-8734
GE Capital Assurance/GE Capital Life of New York 800-432-6631
Genworth Life/Genworth Life of New York 800-432-6631
Hartford Life Insurance Company 800-200-6822
ING/Security Life of Denver 800-638-6273 option 2
John Hancock Life Insurance Company 800-624-5155
Liberty Life Assurance Company of Boston 800-451-7065
Manulife (see right, or John Hancock) 800-395-2364
Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company 888-549-4227
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company 800-427-9409
Monumental Life (See AEGON)  
National Integrity Life Insurance Company 800-325-8583 ext. 0#0#
New York Life Insurance Company 212-576-6243
Pacific Life Insurance Company 877-784-0622
People’s Security Life (See AEGON)  
Presidential Life Insurance Company 800-926-7599
Prudential Life Insurance Company of America 888-778-1888
SAFECO Life Insurance Company (See Symetra)  
Symetra Life Insurance Company 800-579-5732
Transamerica Life (See AEGON)  
Travelers Life and Annuity (See Metropolitan Life)  
United of Omaha 402-351-7749
United Pacific Life (See Genworth)