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Acronyms in the Structured Settlement Industry

AC - annuity contract

BL - Benefits Letter

QA - Qualified Assignment

SA - Settlemnent Agreement (Explains why annuitant receives payments)

OC - Outside Counsel

CO - Court Order

IVF - Insurance Verification Form

Obligor/Assignee - Annuity Owner

Payee/Annuitant - Seller

IPA - Indepedent Professional Advice

K - Contract Documents

SOD - Statement of Dependents

TA - Transfer Agreement

GP - Guaranteed Payments

RS - Release and Settlement

RFBL - Request for benefits letter

NASP - National Assocation of Settlement Purchasers

DL - Drivers License

SSC - Social Security Card

PP - Purchase Price

This is meant to be a helpful guide for when you are selling your cash payments for a lump sum that you can follow what the salesmen is saying on the phone.