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Indepent Professional Advice for Sellers of Structured Settlement Payments

There is something required by the courts to get your deal approved called receiving an IPA letter. We are the firm notorious for suggesting Independent professional advice letters for when you are going in front of the judge. There are statues created in the United States for specific states that actually require the structured settlement annuitant to receive this advice from a professional before they sell off or transfer the rights to their future and current payments that they are receiving or due to receive.

This is done with your protection and safety in mind. What Einstein and our affiliates do is get you a fair market value rate for your payments when you get the IPA for your factoring transaction. Transactions need to be conducted for a solid and sane reason. The seller will typically be looking to raise cash now for school, to fix up their car so they can get a job, build or start your first business, or for unseen medical expenses.

Since this is in your best interest if you are currently working with a company that is not asking you to get an IPA letter then contact us right away as we want to make sure that your best interest and safety is being kept in mind.


Who can provide an IPA Letter?

The professionals who can provide these letters are Lawyers, Financial Advisors, Financial Planners, CFA, CFP's, Accountants, and qualified financial representatives.

What States Have a Statute Requiring IPA Letters?

As our clients often ask. I am in the following state and does this mean I have to get a finance or money guy to give me an approval and overview on what I am doing here? Well the answer is if you are residing and going to court in any of the following states then the answer would be yes unless we tell you otherwise over the phone. There are 9 different states with the requirement from the 49th state of Alaska to the northernmost state of Maine and everybody in between.

  1. Alaska
  2. Delaware
  3. Louisana
  4. Maine
  5. Maryland
  6. Minnesota
  7. Missouri
  8. North Carolina
  9. Ohio

We may ask that you receive an IPA and for the cost of $500 for your benefit. It will help your deal get approved but if you do not want to spend the money for the letter we do understand and it is safe to work with the Einstein Structured Settlements Group as we will make sure that you do not have buyers remorse or any regrets after your transaction is conducted. In other states where it is not required the fee can go as high as $1,500 dollas. We can let you know in full disclosure that the money spent on this may go down the drain and be wasted in your opinion as we want it to be independent advice and if we pay for it then that would not make it independent it would create the Structured Settlement company paid for my IPA letter.

The CPL also known as the Consumer Protection Legislation is enacted to protect your "best interest" in the sale process. You can read about the legislation here and know that we always have your best interest in mind and to call us today to find the local indpendent professional advisor in your area to consult with.