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Structured Settlement Income Streams vs. a Lump Sum

Every single day people just like yourself go into the court house and come out thousands (if not milions) of dollars richer. The issue is you do not feel any wealthier because the financial adviser, the judge, your legal team and or attorney has decided to place your judgement into a structured settlement.

In the court of law the structured settlement is an agreement. In most cases it is viewed that it is more beneficial to not head deep into a long and enduring trial and having heavy litigation fees that the agreement to settle is beneficial for all parties involved espeically since it gives the future annuitant a safe and reliable stream of income versus a payout that may be blown threw in a short period of time as they may not be used to having a large sum of money fall into their lap and thus the reason for this.

The income streams that come as a result of the structured settlement payments are incredibly beneficial if you have all of your ducks in a row and can cover your monthly expenses and still save with the current income and stream that you receive either each month or quarterly. An investment in structured settlement payment rights from a secondary market company that is helping you to sell off your payments is different then other investments they may be looking at such as a Treasury Bill, Municipal Bond, or CD's which are issued by banks and are covered by the federal deposit insurance corp also known as the FDIC. If you are receiving payments from a structured settlement your money IS NOT guaranteed as ELNY has recently defaulted and that is money that an annuitant like yourself might have been receiving that they will no longer get.

LESSON LEARNED - If you trade in your payment rights for a guaranteed lump sum payment then you are GUARANTEED TO DO WHAT YOU WANT with that money and you will not have to worry about a default as those who held ELNY paper may be dealing with. Case and point trade your payments in when you can not when you have to.