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How Might I Get Cash For Structured Settlements?

That is the question you are probably asking yourself right now how can I transfer my monthly or future payments for a cash payment all at once? Well now you can by contacting us right away using the form above. We guarantee to make you the highest lump sum payment offer possible with no hassles or headaches.

As you see commercials all over television during Jerry Springer, Maury, and the other soap operas offering cash now. Well now it's time to get that money in your hand. This is your first time trying to sell off these insurance payments that you are getting from a previous lawsuit settlement. So how does the process work for the first time in transferring your future payments to cash?

The transfer or conversion process of your structured settlement to another owner or entity in exchange for your cash now lump sum payment works like this: 

You the owner and note holder of the paper transfers your future payments to another owner or investor and in exchange you get your future structured settlement payment or payments in one large payment right now as opposed to having to wait it out. Most of the time the payments that we purchase are years and years away and you need the money now instead of wanting to wait for that time to come. Getting a payout now for part or all of your payment stream may be a great choice and we will be glad to advise you on that when you contact us. 

The conversion is an entire legal process which requires a judges approval. This is done for your protection because we want to protect you and make sure that you are happy. Each and every state in the USA has their very own set of restrictions and guidelines which need to be adhered to. Most transfers are handled by a structuerd settlement buyer. A company like Einstein Structured Settlements buys these settlement payments from you and has the knowledge, connections, and know how to help assist you during this engagmenet for converting your insurance note to cash. 

We work with you in your state. In fact to prove it we will send somebody out right away to sign the paperwork to show our dedication in helping you to raise the money that you need to pay your bills because we are here to help you. Our expert settlement buyers will help you when you need it most which is right now and thats why you are contacting us today. We operate with honesty and integrity along with the highest level of ethics. So start the proces today to get cash for your structured settlement payments with our help. Speak with you soon. 

Money For Settlement Payments Help Out A Lot

When times are tough there is no ego to have when you have no money to feed yourself or pay your bills. Work with an advisor who can guide you with the best way to to transfer your current monthly payments in exchange for the money that you need.