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It's not hard to get that cash advance loan that you need to help you survive. We are here to make you money and send you a very large check. We can only do that however if you contact us right away. What we do is we take your current monthly payments that are received as a result of a lawsuit. You may not even know that you are getting payemnts each month, year, or at a future payment date. If you are then you can cash that future payment out for fast cash today with our strucutred settlement trasnferring service provided by the experts here at Einstein Structured Funding.

Often times a wrongful death in the family, a bad car accident, an injury in the family are all possible causes of a lawsuit payment that is coming from the insurance company and that money is just not enough to pay your bills and that is why you are typing in a search to find a company that can give you fast cash for your structured settlement payment. Well guess what? You have found that company. We are proud to make you a high cash offer for your future payments today. If you need an advance to help you eat food then we can certainly disucss that as well. You need to get in touch right away and get paid from the top company in the funding and factoring industry.

Our job is to help you get fast cash for your strucutred settlement payments. We will work with you to get a transfer done in the shortest amount of time and make you the biggest cash offer guaranteed otherwise we will give you $500 or help you pay your mortgage for the next 2 months.