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How Much Will I Get If I Sell My Structured Settlement

Great question. We will tell you when you call in as it depends on a few factors that depend on how many payments you have left, the timeframe in which you are due to receive the payments as well as many other factors. Here are some bullet points that we will help answer for you:

  • Are you looking to sell off every payment you have left?
  • What is the final payment amount for?
  • When is that final payment due?
  • Where are you located as certain states have different transfer laws. For Example California may pay out more then Texas
  • Is it a monthly payment or annual? Annual means every year you get a payment and sometimes our clients have 1 big payment awaiting
  • Which insurance company made the settlement with you?
  • Insurance companies that place people in structured settlements are typically Symetra, John Hancock, Allstate Life Insurance, Prudential Life insurance, Safeco Life, Pacific Life, AGL (American General Life), Metlife, Berkshire Hathaway, New York Life, and many others.

 So call us right away or fill out our easy to use contact form above and we will help you to determine how much cash you are going to receive for your structured settlement.