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Herman Woods and Associates Structured Settlement Buyer Review

There are over 50 different companies that specialize in purchasing structured settlement, lottery & Annuity payments. One of the latest to be promoted online is a company based in the deep south in Louisana called Herman Woods and Associates. Their website is contractbuyer1541.com and pictures a caucasian woman holding a clipboard in her hands and a laptop on her lap as she presumbly strolls around in a wheelchair at the hospital. 

The website also features perhaps one of the funniest images I have ever seen as they purport their offer of raising money for cashing in a lump sum from selling your settlement payments. If you had been a victim of personal injury, medical malpractice, liability lawsuit, or plaintiff who was awarded a structure settlement than you are offered the chance to cash in your payments. The options this site mentions is taking a dream vacation and exotic travel to perhaps an island like Hawaii. You can use it for education and re-training for your job and cover those expenses. Put the money into a new investment opportunity. Buy a new dream house, set up estate planning for your family, start a new business venture, pay off court costs, pay for fees while incarcerated, settle up for any unforeseen medical procuedures that you may need money for, help pay for living expenses while you are looking for a job, and of course to pay off debt and set up sound financial planning if the annuity payments do not do so currently.

contractbuyer1541.com Website

The website has no current reviews from any of the review websites or a listing with the Better Business Bureau. Their office number is (504) 451-2989 and the current office address according to the website is

1001 S. Sibley St.
Metairie, LA 70003