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The Einstein Structured Settlements Guarantee: 

We promise to get you the most amount of cash along with the fastest Funding when trying to sell your Structured Settlement and Annuity Payments

After years in the business dealing with hundreds of thousands of deals, our specialized team knows what you need the most the second you call us looking for a buyer of structured settlements and annuities.

  • Best Payout - Your goal is comprised of $$$ signs. We do that for you without and ???'s.
  • Fast Payouts - Funding your deal quickly is very important. You will get your lump sum quickly once you agree to sell your structured settlement, lottery, or annuity payments to Einstein Structured Settlements.

We want to match and exceed your goals. That is our committment to you and why we are at the top of the buyers of structured settlement payments in the United States.

We offer the very best price and will match and exced any offer that comes from a competitor of ours. We beat their offer so you can sleep sound at night not having to compete with all of the buyers of settlements. Getting a large cash settlement from us is a great deal for you.

How you get $450.00 FREE

If we can't beat the competing offers than we will give you $450.00 free of charge. The proof of funding for the purchase by one of our competitors has to be seen but we know we will beat their offer so working with us is the way to go.

We pick a date for your funding deal and we stick with it. You need the cash and you need it now and so we get it to you on time. We make the guarantee, put it in writing, notarize it, and stick by the deal.

If we do not provide you with the lump sum of cash by the date promised you get an additional $450 absolutely free. This is over and above the original purchase price offer we give to you.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch today and get a free quote to get started.


*clients must request the guarnatee in wiritng prior to execution of our deal. We do this to show our unrelenting effort and commitment to our clientle.