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Get Paid Now with a Lawsuit Advance

If you are going to court, you want to make sure you get every dollar you can from your court verdict or settlement. However, if you run into trouble paying the bills, the financial pressure could force you into settling for much less money than you deserve. Don’t let this happen to you. With a lawsuit advance, you can make sure you have enough money to last your entire trial and not let financial problems unravel your legal strategy.

Cash Flow Problems

Going to court takes time. Depending on how things go, it could take months or even years for you to finish your case and receive your money. This puts a significant drain on your finances. First of all, you need to pay for your legal advice and court fees.  You’ll need to come up with this money out of your personal funds and you won’t get paid back until after the trial.

In addition, you still need to keep up with your regular expenses. This is an especially big problem for people going to court because of an injury claim. If the injury is keeping you from working, you’ll probably need to survive on a fraction of your original income until after you win your case. With all these costs, it’s no wonder that many plaintiffs need to settle early and receive a much smaller amount of money.

Lawsuit Advance Basics

A lawsuit advance gives you the cash you need to get through your lawsuit. When you take out a lawsuit advance, a settlement company gives you cash immediately in exchange for a portion of your settlement down the road. It is up to you what percentage of your future settlement that you want to put up for the advance.

The amount of money you receive depends on a few factors. First of all, the settlement company will look at the size of the likely payment you will win from your court case. Larger potential payouts let you take out more money. The company will also review how likely you are to win your case. The settlement company only gets paid if you win money from your court case. As a result, riskier cases get less money for an advance than cases that look like they’re going to win. This whole review process usually only takes a few days so you will get your decision and your cash fast.

Lawsuit Advances versus Regular Loans

When you’re low on cash during your trial, a lawsuit advance is a much less risky option than a regular loan from a bank or other creditor. When you take out a regular loan, it is completely independent from your court case. Should you eventually lose your trial, you still need to pay back a regular loan. This would dig you into even deeper financial trouble.

A lawsuit advance on the other hand is a non-recourse loan. This means the loan is secured only by the earnings from your trial. You only need to pay your settlement company money if you win your case or settle out of court. If you lose and don’t receive any money, you won’t owe anything. The settlement company cannot go after your other assets to repay the loan.

While a lawsuit advance is safer than a regular loan, it is also more expensive. If you win your case, you will end up paying more money to the settlement company than you would have paid to a bank had you taken out a regular loan and paid it all off after the court case. Since the settlement company isn’t guaranteed to get any money back, they are in a riskier position and need to charge more.


A lawsuit advance is a relatively expensive way to get money as you’ll need to pay significantly more out of your eventual court winnings than you receive as an advance. It’s still a much better option than settling your court case too early or going bankrupt, but you need to be smart about using your lawsuit advance funds.

The money should just be used to keep yourself going until your eventual payout. Use you lawsuit advance for your daily expenses and legal fees, but hold off your major spending until after winning your case.  For example, if you have credit card debt, just make the minimum payments and wait until after your trial to pay off the balance. Definitely hold off on the major purchases you have planned for your upcoming court winnings. By being conservative with your advance, you’ll make sure you have more money in the long-run.

Legal Advice

The company that handles your lawsuit advance should not be in charge of your court case. Settlement companies are not law firms so they can’t help you with legal advice. However, since these companies work so closely with the legal system, your settlement company likely could refer you to a qualified attorney if you need one.

Going to trial is stressful enough. Don’t let financial issues give you even more of a headache. A lawsuit advance gives you the breathing room to get by so you can take as much time as you need to win the money you deserve.