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Freedom Financial Solutions - Structured Settlement Advances

FFS Cash is a subprime lender who offers to lend you money or in some cases purchase your payments with something held in collateral. The company is based out of Boynton Beach, Florida where the companies Imperial Structured Settlements, DRB Capital, Sellmyannuity.net, Woodbridge Structured Funding, Seneca One (Delray Beach), Novation (west palm beach), and Singer Asset Finance are all based out of in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Their website advertises that they can help you with factoring account receivables, real estate notes, lottery and casino jackpots that you won but do not have all the money as of todays date. They also have a life settlements division on top of a division that offers to loan your business money and finance films in exchange for collateral. There are lawsuit advances which is commonly called pre-lawsuit funding.

Reviews on Freedom Financial Solutions

A google search brings up 542 complaints from consumeraffairs.com but it is for a company called Freedom Debt Relief and a Ripoff Report/Scam posting with 177 negative reviews. Not all 177 complaints are directly about Freedom Financial Solutions in Boynton Beach but some are tagged with the company being in the state of Florida. Full discolsure we did not review and read all 177 reports posted. Aside from that there are no major warnings or negative real postings elsehwere that we saw online.

The company advertises a mailing address of:
2449 Quantum Blvd
Boynton Beach, FL 33426

Fax address for Freedom Financial Solutions 1-866-829-4858
Email for FFS Cash: ContactUs@ffscash..com

The company currently uses Shark Bite SEO as their website promoter.