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Structured Settlement Financing

In structured settlement financing, you would be using your structured-settlement as collateral on a loan. This may be prohibited in the terms of the agreement, so it is a good idea to check-it out before proceeding in this direction. A better idea would be to cash-in your structured-settlement for a large lump-sum of cash now.

What Is A Structured Settlement?

The structured-settlement came about as an ingenious method of stopping, or cutting down, the amount of lump-sum payments on civil suits, and out-of-court settlements. People would get this windfall of cash, and not guard it with discretion. Parents were seen going through the funds buying things not related to their child’s settlement.

A large lump-sum payment was a little too tempting for some people to keep under control. Nowadays, you see many structured-settlements used to satisfy the claimant. Defendants like this agreement because it saves them money. A Defendant may have to pay out $1M to a claimant, but they can buy an annuity worth $1M for only $600K.

A structured-settlement is devised to pay out a fixed amount of money, for a fixed amount of time. It is to ensure that the claimant will have an income stream into their future. An injured person who cannot work, should not have to worry about paying the bills, and medical expenses in the future.

This type of settlement-agreement is very versatile, and can be custom designed. You can have a lump-sum up-front, to be followed by fixed payments, and then even schedule additional lump-sums into the future. Payments can be anywhere from a few years, all the way to a lifetime.

If You Need Money ....... Sell Your Settlement

Many holders of a structured-settlement become disenchanted when they realize that the payments are not sufficient. With mounting debts, it is easy to be looking around for additional funds. The answer is right in your hands. A structured-settlement, or the income-stream, can be sold for a large lump-sum of cash.

You can do anything you want with the funds. If you do something unwise, you will only be hurting yourself, and your family. This is a serious matter, and serious thought should be invoked before you do anything at all.

The fact of the matter is that many people have acted responsibly, and taken the cash and have done something with it to improve their lives. I have clients who have bought into businesses, and were able to upgrade their financial condition as a result. Others have put their kids through college, while others have invested wisely to replace the income-stream.

It is possible to invest some of the money and have a new income-stream, and still have money left over for home-improvements, or to pay off those late mortgage and car payments. Cashing-out your settlement is better than structured-settlement financing.

The point is that the Defendant will offer you a fixed amount of money, paid to you over a fixed amount of time. These settlements can be very creative, but only if you make known what you really want. Perhaps you would like to receive a lump-sum up front, to be followed by a period that you will receive a fixed amount of money each month.