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Structured Settlement Factoring

Structured Settlement Factoring affects millions of people every year. Factoring is the process by which funds are given in exchange for the promise of the future income-stream. It is part of this vital industry, which helps improve the lives of countless injured claimants. There are many settlement factoring firms that are ready and willing to purchase your settlement-annuity for a large lump-sum of cash now, when you need it.

The Structured Settlement

I find that many of my clients do not really know what a structured-settlement involves. It is simply a method of paying out an agreed upon sum of money using fixed payments, for a fixed period of time. That sounds a little limited, but let me tell you that it can get very creative. For example, you can request a lump-sum up-front, to be followed by periodic fixed payments. You can even request additional lump-sum payouts in the future.

It is possible to have an “escalating” payment, which means the payments get larger, to become whatever was originally planned. Maybe tied to the cost of living increases that occur. I find that many people like to have a lump-sum in the beginning, and then just accept the rest in payments.

It doesn’t matter how you were injured. Perhaps you were injured as a result of medical negligence, or in an auto accident. It could have been a workplace accident or even a slip & fall. The point is that these agreements work for both parties, the Defendant and the Claimant. Lottery winners are also included in this group.

Defendants love a structured-settlement as and end to a case. It used to be that if an insurance company had to pay a $2M claim, they had to shell out the whole $2M. Now, they would simply buy an annuity worth $2M, but it would only cost them $1.2M. The savings are quite significant.

The Claimant loves it because they are guaranteed a future income-stream. They are secure in knowing that a highly-rated life insurance company is backing the annuity that gives them the payments. They can sleep better at night knowing they can pay their medical expenses, etc.

Why Sell To A Factoring Company

These are the firms you would go to in order to cash-out of your structured-settlement. They do this all of the time, and will give you a quick Quote on what they think your settlement is worth. Don’t forget that you will have to be willing to sell it at a Discount, which will be below face value. The Investor who would buy your agreement, and lay out the lump-sum of cash, has to know that he will be making money.

You will have access to a windfall of cash, that you can either squander, or change your life. I have clients who have spent the money wisely, and created a replacement income-stream from investments, while also getting out of debt, and making improvements to their home.

If you are ready to cash-out, just call a specialist in Structured Settlement Factoring.