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Factor Financial - A Seller of Structured Settlement Annuities

Corona Capital the parent company of a secondary market structured settlement and annuity purchaser based out of the first state Delaware. The team is run by Eric Livingston who orginially worked for Peacthree Settlement solutions back in 2002. Eric was an account manager in the sales deparmtnet and brought his success and talents to Delaware. Eric's other big trait that helps with Factor Financial is that he is bilungial and helps to run the website DineroPordemandas.

The in house attorney and legal council is handled by Faricia Resnde who also happened to work for Peachtree financial but had left after their and the countries financial troubles in 2009. She is licensed to practice law in the state of New York and hails from the beautiful country of Brazil so she is fluent in Portuguese. Justin Green acts as the purchasing manager who also worked for Peachtree dating back to 2006 and Maria Tolibas who handles the processing for the boutique structured settlement purchasing, factoring, and reseller of investable deals.

Secondary Market Annuity Inventory

Their website used to provide Closing Book with all sales including the pertinent details that investors receive when they purchase an old structured settlement annuity payment. Unfortunately for new visitors to their website this database for potential buyers is no longer available online. They previously advertised the sale of life contingent and guaranteed lump sum payments. We believe that the company is still operating and in business Lewes, Delaware.

You can read more about Corona Capital here.