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Encore Funding LLC Reviews & Complaints

Encore Funding LLC - The Lump sum experts are one of the larger players in the factoring industry. They purchase lottery payments, annuities, and structured settlement payouts from individuals just like yourself. If you have recieved a letter in the mail asking to re-sell your left over payments and it came from a company like Encore then odds are it's a legitimate opportunity for you to sell off your payments.

One interesting thing to note about the Encorefunding.com website is that they mention Novation Capital and have a link to their website novationcap.com so we can only assume that Encore Funding is associated with or owned by Novation Cap Partners. Their website however has not been updated since 2006


Encore is run by “hands on” owner/managers with world class professional credentials. The management team has purchased, pooled, and securitized over a billion dollars in lottery prize and other similar cash flows.

Encore is committed to recruiting and retaining the very best people so that we can continue to provide our customers with the very best service.

We endeavor to conduct our business with integrity in every way and stake our reputation on how we treat our employees, business partners, and customers.

Encore Funding Office Location and Phone Number

As listed directly on their website you can reach them toll free for a free quote at their office at: 800-586-7949. The investment company and brokerage is located in south Florida at the following address:
1641 Worthington Road
Suite 410
West Palm Beach, Florida 33409

Complaints about Encore Funding?
There are 0 complaints at the Better Business Bureau on Encore Funding.

Again please note that there seem to be little to no negative reviews about Encore which is a very encouraging and positive sign. They have 0 complaints against them at the BBB.

Encore Funding's Robin Shaprio

Their current CEO is Robin Shaprio who was a partner with one of the biggest international law firms until 1995. Prior to that he had admirable work in legislative aid and clerked for a judge of the United States Court of Appeals. Robin graduated from Swarthmore college with a Bachelors and Harvard Law school.  From what we read Encore is another reputable firm like Einstien to work with for selling off your lottery winnings, annuity, or structured settlement payments.