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Structured Settlement Employment

Structured Settlement Employment is something to consider if you are looking for a job. It is not for everybody, as the higher paying positions are commission-based. This is a great position for self-directed people who are highly-motivated, and have an entrepreneurial spirit and a thirst for knowledge. You must enjoy building long term relationships and know how to service-clients.

As with all commissioned based sales positions, you have to perform to make money. The range of income is quite varied, with top producers raking in over six figures. You must know how to generate and follow-up on leads provided by the company. Those persons with an attention to detail will excel in this field.

Other Positions Based On A Salary

There are other ways to break into this lucrative field. There are Administrative Associate positions that are available in various field-offices around the USA. This position would take the lead in coordinating all actions required in the preparation of structured-settlement proposals and legal-agreements for the many Settlement Consultants you would be working with. Another aspect of this position would be to coordinate processes between clients, life insurance firms, lawyers and Settlement-Consultants.

Another position in this field would be a Quality Assurance Specialist, which is usually a position based in a Headquarters Office. You would be a liaison with the field-offices, and would be responsible to “review and confirm” the accuracy of the structured-settlement customer quotes and other documents generated by the field-offices. A QAS would also “monitor” settled-files, and issue reminders to the various offices with reference to following-up on their data-entry, case-settlement, and status of documents at the end of the month.

A Structured Settlement Sales Consultant

This is a position that requires a thorough knowledge of the world of structured-settlements. You will have to be able to explain to clients that a structured settlement is an agreement to make fixed payments over a fixed amount of time. It could be for a few years, all the way to a lifetime.

Part of your presentation would include explaining some of the intricacies of these settlements. The fact that a lump-sum could be requested up-front, to be followed up by periodic fixed payments, and even another future lump-sum payment, can be part of the agreement.

Explaining The Cash-Out

Many people who own a structured-settlement become disenchanted with the periodic payments, and want to cash-out, or sell their income stream for a large lump-sum of cash. It could be for any variety of reasons. The fact of the matter is that people’s financial condition goes through changes, just like the economy.

The recent problems with our economy has affected all of us. Many people find themselves behind on their mortgage and car payments, and on the way to Bankruptcy. Those people who have a settlement are actually very fortunate. They hold in their hands the key to financial-repair.

All they have to do is sell their settlement, and be responsible with the cash they receive. Wise investment with these funds can also provide a replacement for the lost income-stream, while at the same time providing money to pay the bills, pay college tuition, and take care of other problems.

So, if you are considering a job search, Structured Settlement Employment should be strongly considered.