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Empire Settement Funding

You may have seen their ads on billboards or on television. If not we want you to know that they are a pre settlement company that offers help to you for financing a cash out before your lawsuit is finalized. They are there to help out New York and United States injury victims each and every day. 

How Much is a Settlement Loan Good For?

These loans always vary and depend on the size of your pending litigation settlement. The average loan varies from $1500 to $3,000. If you have been injured and you need cash now then you are in good shape because there are a lot of great companies that can help you out of a jam such as Einstein Structured Settlements.

The company can set you up with a pre-settlement broker. The Empire settlement funding team currently has two locations. One in the Boston, Massachusetts region and the other in sunny Boca Raton Florida at the southern end of Palm Beach county where a majority of structured settlement annuity companies have operations.

The official mailing and business office location for the company is as follows:

315 SE Mizner Boulevard, Suite 203
Boca Raton, Florida 33432

There are no major positive or negative reviews for Empire settlement funding and they are not registered with the shady Better Business Bureau as of the end of 2014.