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Elderly People With Structured Settlement Payments

You may be an elderly person who is currently receiving monthly payments not just from social security but from an accident or wrongful death case that happened in the past. There are also instances where you invested in something called a structured settlmenet payment rights from an insurance company as quoted by your financial advisor either present or at the given time.

If so then you may be receiving these safe reliable payments and may not know that you have the option to sell these payments in exchange for a lump sum. The question however is: Is it worth it and why?

That is something only you can answer and we would advise that most elderly clients don't sell their payment rights because at your age having something reliable and in some cases the payment is guaranteed you are creating a safe retirement with these payments. However, there are times when you may need to raise money to pay for an emergency whether it's from a tragedy in the family or unplanned expenses to compliment your retirement. If that is the case then you can receive a quote for selling off your payment rights but we have to let you know up front it may not be as worthy to sell as it would be for a younger individual who is using the money to start a business or to pay emergency bills.