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Direct Funder of Settlement Payments

Have a structured settlement or annuity and you would like to work with a direct funder of settlement payments? Typically you will get this idea of working with a direct lender against your personal injury settlement pay out because you heard it either on television or from one of the sales representatives who is interested in selling you on the fact that it is a great time to sell off your payment rights for a lump sum.

The sale or transfer of your future money is a big committment. If you have already sold before and are interested in selling again then you need to examine what you just did with your funds that you received and how you can manage your money better if you are looking to purchase a business or home for yourself.

Every case and scenario is unique and different for our clients. We are here to help you maximize your payments. Go over the pros and cons of changing out money in the future for money today. We want you to be comofrtable with whatever financial transactions you enter into.

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