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Are you in a court case that your lawyer has quoted to you as a Win-Win situation? Well this has been said and heard all too much before. Now it's your turn to be on the offense and work with the defense who is about to offer you a large structured settlement payout. Whether it's Symetra, AIG, John Hancock, Allstate or any of the other common insurance companies that deal with these personal injury cases we will be glad to help you decide what to do with the money after you realize that you need to cash out part of your settlement payments in exchange for a lump sum.

Both parties involved in a case need to understand the importance of placing victims or plaintiffs in a structure as opposed to a smaller lump sum. It is typically a win/win for everbody in the court room. Through experience and time you will find the best way to go about spending your money and if you need help with a defense strucutred settlement company or lawyer then Einstein will be glad to help you.