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compare jg wentworth to other companies like Einstein Structured Settlements

J.G. Wentworth is a leader in terms of deals done in the secondary factoring industry. They are best known for their opera singers prcolaiming you to call 1-877 CASH NOW or to let the world know that it's your money and you want it now. While there are some great aspects about their company there are also some drawbacks to working with such a large company.

We want to do a brief comparison about J.G. wentworth & Einstein Structured Settlements:

  • JG has over 300 employees. By contrast we act in a much smaller manner and have just under 30 employees
  • We are able to connect you with the same sales representatives each time you call us. JG Wentworth is not as you will rotate salesman
  • We are not only in it for the money. We have your best interest in mind and when dealing with "real clients" we take your case very seriously and give you the best advice for yourself.
  • JG Wentworth is based in Pennsylvania. Einstein is now based overseas.
  • Einsten Structured Settlements has low overhead and the ability to pay you more money for your settlement due to this. JG Wentworth spends millions on advertising, boiler style phone rooms and einstein does not so you can get more money.

In the words of SS and the Bethesda firm if we can't beat your payment from JG Wentworth here at Einstein structured funding then we will give you $500. So if you are looking to sell your future payments we would like for you to give us your comparison after speaking with us and them.