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Companies that will buy your structured settlement

There are over 50 different companies that you can shop your deal around to for selling your future annuity payments. These companies are known as "Factoring" companies and leading cash advancer Einstein Structured Settlements is proud to help you make the most informed decision when it comes to cashin in your payment streams from the said insurance company in exchange for cash now.

The biggest company is JGWPT which stands for J.G. Wentworth Peachtree Settlements which is now a publicly traded company. They handle over 80% of the deals in the industry but do not neccessarilly provide the best pricing for selling. Think about it this way. McDonalds is the largest direct food provider in the country but there food is not the best tasting but it is some of the cheapest. We provide a list of structured settlement companies that you can speak with about the sale of your payments but we advise you to speak with us first and let us go through the entire sales process as well as what to watch for and the right questions to ask when you are speaking with a salesman at any of these companies.