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The indian country today and Indiantrust.com is handling all of the statistics and payout information for those looking to cash in on their settlement. All of the statuses from the tribal payments and settlement should be known as of today 2/16/2014. The total settlement amount was an absolutely astonishing 3.4 Billion dollars. Yes thats 3.4 billion dollars for the Cobell settlement case. The settlement dates way back to the year 1996 when a class action lawsuit was filed by the late Elouise Cobell of the Blackfeet Tribe in Montana.

The $3.4 billion Cobell v Salazar is final and the first – or Stage 1 – payments of $1,000 were mailed by the Garden City Group (GCG) to eligible members of the Historical Accounting Class starting on December 14, 2012.  The GCD is the Claims Administrator for the Cobell Settlement.

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