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Choosing A Structured Settlement Company Reviews

Choosing a Structured Settlement Company, must be done with great caution. This means that you need to hire a firm that excels in this area of expertise. There are many such firms out there, and we will review what you should be looking for prior to making any decisions.

A Structured Settlement Firm should be able to analyze both sides of the deal in order to  produce an acceptable settlement-agreement. There needs to be a wide range of available  services in order to analyze and resolve all of the unique major issues that typically arise in such cases.

Professional Services

The firm should have either on staff, or access to highly rated attorney’s specializing in structured settlement issues. You can ask for their names, and you can check their ratings online. The services should include: Negotiation-Support, appearances in open court and in conferences, and the generation of documents and their review.

The firm will be able to draft-and-review settlement docs, and also any orders drafted, to be compliant with current tax laws, and other legal considerations. This is why it is critical to make the right choice in the firm you will be working with. Do your due diligence.


Most of the annuities are created by insurance companies. The annuity is only as secure as the firm that issued it. This is why it is necessary to work with the top rated life-insurance companies.

In order to be considered for as an annuity source, the firm must prove: Financial Stability, Solid Underwriting, Contract Servicing excellence, and assignment capabilities that are solid. The company will monitor these firms by checking their ratings with: Standard & Poor’s, A.M. Best, Moody’s and Fitch.


There will be several claims professionals that will aid in the evaluation of the damages considering the traditional lump sum and the periodic payments position. It will be necessary to individually create proposals to meet the unique ramifications of each case. Present-Value-Analysis and computer-simulated-investment situations will be used when required. Rates must be monitored on a daily basis, as well as notification of impending rate-changes.

Strategy Planning

You should be looking for a firm that offers in person strategic-planning conferences. The firm will have the expertise to consult with attorney’s or claims representatives as required.

As a client of the firm, the final decisions are always yours to make.


Client Education

A good structured settlement company, such as Einstein Structured Settlements, is going to provide as much information as possible to educate the client. An educated client always makes for the best customer, as it enables the client to make more intelligent choices.

Some of the topics that may arise are:


            * Different techniques in settling cases

            * Explaining the concept and value of rated-ages and substandard medical-                       underwriting

            * Ethics behind usage of structured settlements and CORA

            * Any new legislation that has passed or in the planning

            * Periodic-Judgement Acts

            * Latest Court Cases

            * Analysis of recent cases

            * Options in negotiations


Sometimes there are situations where the Alternative-Minimum Tax rules make lump-sum settlements an impossibility, so that the use of structured-settlements in non-physical injury cases or employment-litigation must be entertained.

It takes a well experienced structured settlement company to be knowledgeable about all of the above. I hope this information will assist you in choosing a structured settlement company.