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Have you Received a Check in the mail for selling a structured settlement?

Open up your mailbox. It used to be piling up bills but now it is piling up checks from structured settlement and annuity purchasing companies offering you cash advances for selling out your structured settlement payment rights in exchange for a large lump sum. Well you can take those checks and get an advance today for selling these payment rights but there is a silver lining. You must sell the remainder of your payment rights.

Whether your insurance company is John Hancock or Amica you are best suited to go ahead and find the remaining payments that you are due to receive as a result of the lawsuit or accident that you have been in and gather all of your paperwork. Once you have gathered all of this paperwork you will be able to cash out these payments to a structured settlement annuity purchaser.

There are a lot of different ways that your annuity purchaser has received your public information and was able to send you a letter in the mail offering you to get the money that you wanted. That check may or may not be real but it is often that you have to call in to confirm the check number. From time to time a check cashing store has been known to cash those checks and to pay you out the money you lost out on from selling to a big company like JG Wentworht Peachtree Settlements (they are the same company) or any other large national television advertising company that you may have seen advertising on television.