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Do you have a structured Settlement or payments that you are looking to sell for cash now? Well there are always issues when trying to sell a payment because it is not an instant transaction. The process is labor and document intensive. We are glad to help you to facilitate the transfer and offer a toll free phone number for you to call and a phone number to send any paperwork for faxing as well. There are over ten different companies that purchase annuity and lump sum paymetns and many other DBA's (doing business as) for facilitating transactions for clients and the courts.

The most common type of transaction is when you have previously sold a percentage of your structured settlement payments and are looking to gain more cash so that you can pay your bills. Previously you may have sold payments and the reviews that you read on a company might not have been great and others may have helped you to determine that other companies were labeled a scam just because of a misunderstanding.

We are glad to help you to pick the right company to work with for selling lottery, annuity, or settlement payments as a client first to us.