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Structured Settlement Cash Now, Not Later

If you are the claimant, you may want the structured settlement cash now. Now is when you may need it, not in ten years, or whatever the schedule is. Many settlement holders become very disenchanted with their settlement agreements. The time to really consider everything was before you signed on the dotted line.

After a person becomes injured through no fault of their own, they are confronted with an opportunity to settle for a lump-sum of cash, or a structured settlement. The structured settlement provides for a stable source of income for whatever the agreed upon time period happens to be. Many people are not aware of the fact that the settlement can be designed in such a way that you can have your cake, and eat it to.

You can specify a lump-sum up front, followed by periodic fixed payments, and maybe even through in another lump-sum payment at a future date. The courts will have to approve any plan anyway, and the judge will take a good look at your financial situation before making a decision. They usually grant whatever plan your attorney agrees upon with the defendant.

Why Would You Need A Lump Sum Now?

Things change, as we have all seen our economy change, for the worse. You are lucky if you have a settlement that you can turn into cash. As you progress through your life, your kids may go off to college: how about that tuition?. Very often, a settlement holder is presented with an opportunity to buy, or become a partner, in a business. This can be a life changing event.

There are many successful businesses that started out with funding from a settlement turned into a lump-sum of cash. Some of my clients have run into hard financial times. Mortgage payments and car payments become past due. Medical bills add-up, and the threat of going Bankrupt becomes a real possibility.

Even though you have to offer a discount to cash-out of your settlement, it gives you a windfall of funding to use as you wish. I have several clients who turned around their financial predicament by taking a lump sum of cash for their settlement. Don’t forget that someone is buying your future cash-flow as an investment, and they have to make money on it, hence the reason for selling it for less than face value.

How To Cash-In

Of course you would want to maximize the money you can get for your settlement. The best way to do this is to start out by contacting a company like Einstein Structured Settlements, who are in the business of turning structured settlements into large lump-sums of cash. By using a large, qualified company like Einstein, you improve your chances of getting top dollar for your structured settlement cash now.