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Cash for Structured Settlements and Annuities

Money is what you want. When do you want it? Right now. Well now there is a company that is a forum shopper to help you raise cash for structured settlements and annuities that you are receiving each month. There are opportunities to sell of your future payments that you are getting as a result of a lawsuit.

The structure settlement act was created to help plaintiffs in a lawsuit to get safe and secure payments. It ends up being that persons like yourself are saying "isn't enough money for me" and you want to trade in a percentage or a certain amount of future payments that are owed to you while holding onto the remaining payments.

What we see is you may have 180 payments for $1,220 each month with a cost of living increase of 2 to 3 percent each year. What you can do is trade in your next 60 payments and an investor on the other side will purchase these payments once the court approves the sale.

No matter what the hardship is in your life you may want to sell your insurance money you are getting each month and have no idea how to do so. Call us today and we will educate you on the safe and secure process and get you  a cash advance today.