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Cash for annuity

Looking for a company that can help you sell out a monthly annuity that you are receiving in exchange for a one time or multi payment in cash? Well if so than look no further as Einstein Structured Settlements helps people just like yourself in converting their monthly, yearly, and future annuity payments in converting their insurance paperwork into money in their hands or an increased balance in their bank account.

How the Money in Exchange for Annuity Contract Works?

While there is no exact science and no two cases are exactly the same. We can say that every annuity contract that is traded in whether you are in Caliofrnia, Texas, Florida, New York, Ohio, Virginia, or any other state is a court approved process. This means that a judge makes sure that the exchange is fair and equitable and or that it's for a good cause. What is a good reason to make an exchange for an annuity for cash now? Well lets say you need more dollars in exchange for having the ability to pay off the mortgage on your house because your husband suffered an accidental death and Prudential Life Insurance is paying you out $2,000 a month for the next thirty years. Well if you need more money now and that will help you to get rid of the monthly mortgage payment than it may be a good idea.

While there are thousands of scenarios that we could go over and some may and some may not make sense for your situation the point is that if you are uncomfortable with your current financial situation and that could be improved by selling off an annuity than you should certainly speak with a qualified representative that can go over what the total amount of your monies owed to you are and how much that is worth if it were to be cashed out today.