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Cash Cow Structured Settlements

Get CASH NOW from the Cash Cow for your structured settlement payment rights. There is an old youtube video that showcases commercials that aired for a Bethesda, Maryland structured settlement company called Stone Street. They provide you with a check for an immediate lump sum of cash. The saying is cash now from the cash cow and the phone number corresponding with the ads are 1-888-why-wait and the official stonestreet website has the 1-800-lump-sum vanity phone number.

The checks typically get to you because you were involved in a personal injury settlement or lawsuit settlement. Other scenarios where you may have received a check or a notice in the mailbox or post office from stone street is because you have an annuity that you can sell for a lump sum or a lottery or casino prize winnings that you are looking to sell off.

Why Wait? Thats the saying and that is the truth when looking for the cash cow of structured settlement payouts. For a quote on selling your payments you can fill out the quote form to the right.