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Car Accident structured settlement

If you were in a car accident and received a structured settlement then you are eligible to cash out with a lump sum settlement. Automobile accidents can range from a slow accident that had you going to rehabilitation to a head on collision that was a near death experience that left you physically and emotionally damaged.

The end result is that you receive a lawsuit settlement where the insurance company whether it's Symetra, John Hancock, Progressive or any of the many others writes youa monthly check for the next 30 years. The problem is that money is spread out and you have medical bills to pay for and other expenses. This automobile accident has now set you back in life because of the injuries sustained and suffered.So what happens next?

Automobile Insurance Payout in a Lump Sum

Now you can cash in on those future payments that the insurance company is paying you for the car accident that you suffered through. The money is not enough so we can help you raise the capital that you need to pay your bills, start a business, or move on with your life and forget about the car accident that you had.

When you speak to a representative here at Einstein we will guide you on the best practices in transferring your future pay outs in exchange for a big cash payment up front that you can have in as little as thirty days depending on the state and location that you are in. Please note this is only eligible for citizens of the USA.