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Bridge Global Capital - BGC Funding Structured Settlements

BGC Funding is a company that offers financiang and assitance for selling your settlement and annuity payments.

Their website designed at Wix.com a well known Israeli public company that offers customized templates to make your own website showcases three employees of the company. These three names are a female Marlon Smith, Geary M. Bailey, and Consultant 3. There is no context just a bunch of standard text below their images so we do not know if they are real people or not. 

Their pulic email address listed on their website is finance@bgcfunding.com and their phone number is listed as:

123 456 7890

Something tells the Einstein Structured Settlement watchdog that this is not a valid phone number to which they have a corresponding address listed as:

Bridge Global Capital 2489 Village Creek Landing

Atlanta, GA 30316

They also offer Bridge and Hard Money loans to those in need of cash now. We have not seen any reviews on BGC Funding so we can not say one way or the other that Bridge Global Capital is a reputable firm as their website is incomplete.