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Where and How Do You Sell off your Annuity

Have an annuity that you are set to receive future cash payments from and you want to cash it in for a LUMP SUM. A one time payment that has all of the money you are due to receive in the future at one time. How do you feel about that? It's a great opportunity and you are about to learn how the process works.

Your annuity that you are receiving is most likely paying you a monthly amount and you have one large payment that is due at the end of your payment stream. That money is being paid out by an insurance company. The most popular insurance companies are Symetra, John Hancock, Berkshire Hathaway, AIG, and Prudential that are paying you out as the owners of your money.

What you can do is work with Einstein a secondary annuity transfer firm. We help you to trade in your annuity payments and sell them at a fair market value in exchange for a large lump sum payment today. So if you have payments that are due over the next 25 years and want to get the money today then you would have to work with us to receive that money.

The whole process is simple and easy. First you have to call us up and speak with one of our consultants who will go over the entire sales process. Then we will get you a quote on how much money you can get up front and the time frame until you receive. Next thing you know somebody will be at your door with papers to sign and cash in hand (or wired) to your bank account. The end result is that you are happy and getting the funds you need up front. This offers you the opportunity to pay off your past due bills, start a business, family, or new home.