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Structured Settlement Bail Out

Times are getting tougher and you need more money to pay your bills. Where to turn and what to do? Your baby is screaming, the bills are piling up, and there are only a few options and places left to turn to get the money you need. So what do you do? Well there are only a few places that can give you a loan against your settlement payments that are owed to you and provide you with what we remember as a "Bail Out".

Einstein Structured Fundings "Bail Out" service provides you with the capital that you need for paying your bills while at the same time workign with you to speak with the insurance company that paid you the money after the wrongful deah or personal injury claim to get the facts and letter of benefits explaining how much money you are owed and what the total aggregate amount of your remaining payments is worth today.

If you sold a portion of your money before then we will still be able to help you out just as the government helped to bail ut AIG the insurance giant after the financial crisis back in 2008.

We will work with you to explain the best strategy to get approved for a loan against your settlement and bail you out of the financial burden that you may currently be in.