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Aviva Life Structured Settlements and Selling Annuity Payments from Aviva

Aviva Life is a well known insurance company who underwrites payments for structured settlements. Aviva is currently under control of the United Kingdoms insurer known as Aviva PLC. The companies history however goes back almost 110 years for written and hard copy proof. It has been said that their histroy dates back as far as 300 years ago. They started out as Aviva Life and shortly after their launch became Aviva Life & Annuity Company. Their life insurance, contingency plans, and annuity sales covered life insurance policies that are still in use today.

Other popular underwriting from them were the payment rights for structured settlements, survivorship policies, and of course the reliable and safe annuity underwriting division. The company is currently run by  their Chief Executive Office Thomas Charles Godlasky and is a rising star in the United Kingdom. 

As of 2014 the annuity company Athene is purchasing Aviva and their associated divisions for A $1.55 billion dollars in a stock and cash acquisition.

Avivia Life Insurance Company of New York & Their Structured Settlement Business

As part of the sale they are agreeing to raise their capital levels. An entirely seperate but related bank account to backstop losses for policyholders of $35 million dollars has also been put into place if the till runs below a stated number.

So what does all of this have to do with the Structured Settlement industry? Well do you currently hold papers from Aviva that are paying you future or monthly payments due to a wrongful death case or injury? Well now may be a great time to sell those off with this change of ownership. Aviva stopped writing new policies for structured settlements and annuities in 2008. Now this is not anything new that we didn't know but it's good to educate our huge readership here at Einstein. Since they have done multiple acquisitions through the years the payments that you are currently receiving are being paid out by Aviva but may actually be coming from one of the following companies.

  1. The CU Life Insurnace Company of New York 
  2. The CGU Life Insurance Company of New york
  3. Aviva Life Insurnace Company of New York
  4. **All of these companies previously had divisions without the state of "New York" in their nomeclature.

Qualified Assignment companies previously had been swalloed whole by Aviva and you may be receiving payment rights from them. Those companies are CGU Annuity Service corporation. This company after the acquisition became Aviva Assignment Corporation. Another company that we do not have to be concerned with as we don't purchase United Kingdom paid policies unless you are a resident of the United States of America but for informational purposes we will provide the CGNU of London & Annuity Service corporation. The CU Life annuities had been backed by a "Surety" bond issued by the Commerical Union Insurance Company.

The current obligations of these payments assigned in London has something called a Capital Management Agreement also known as a CMA affiliate across the pond from the USA. The agreement ensures that Aviva will have the funds needed to satisfy all obligations for sellers in the structured settlement reigns. 

Any questions about your pending and future payments from Aviva Life Insurance can be confirmed by calling their toll free phone number at 1-888-285-4332 .